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4 Steps To Write An eBook And Bank $50 a Day!

It has been quite a few days since I posted! By now you guessed I might be a little unpredictable which sometimes it’s good for other work it just isn’t, but you’ll see me post more consistently on a weekly basis 🙂 15 straight blog post for a complete book in the blog manifesto section and there’s a great new paid book for JV alliances and one that’ll become edited and uploaded on the Kindle Network! Getting there!

I am sure you’ll enjoy this new specific blog post a lot if you founded my previous blog post quite useful. In such blog post I discussed how to earn $50-$100 a day, by just using Today, it’ll be another day were I hold nothing back!

When I mean hold nothing back, you should know I really mean it. History and friendly feedback lets me conclude that folks – usually, friends, colleagues and people close to you might want you to succeed heavily and wish you really the best every time they see you. It’s a kind gesture when you usually see someone and it makes us bond more and as social butterflies, we all love it.

Reality, do you really think most people that wish you the best want you to succeed more than what they’ve succeeded in their own careers or entire lifespan whether you earned it or not? How many friends do you have that want you to have better career success than they’ve actually have or had for themselves? Tell me who’s the alien! You might have 1 or 2, but chances is it might not be who you think.

In my case, it’ll be awesome if you succeed and earn more than I do (which is simple as well) because at the end of the day it’s just about growing happier, having more freedom and achieving a more fulfilled life.

If you think about it carefully, more money will just buy you more expensive toys, a bigger roof, often get you more free time depending what you do for a living and ultimately make you more comfortable long term as always depending what you do now That is the bigger picture. So trust the words, you’ll get Intel from this blog that’ll truly help you if you put in the time and work involved whether you pay for it or do it freely on your own spare time.

You will get to see proof( as a case study with the current live website in next blog posts) of how the site consistently earned from $1.6k up to $3k a month by just selling an eBook while working at one of the best part-times in the world, Delta Airlines.

I’m going 10+ years back in start ups and I’ll tell you what I’ll do to earn smarter income on the side if I were just getting started with just a simple eBook. Yes, I sold books before the ideas of $0.99-$2.99 eBooks were born at Amazon 🙂 Good timing, so you could guess I am old school. Opportunity for volume is still great. I’m more of a less means more type of guy in a business perspective, more on this later of course. Earning $50 a day is just an understatement with this concept.

You will also see how you can implement the “The 4 Hour Work Week” for years with this type of work if you’re into sharing your knowledge for a few hundred dollars a month when you get started. It could grow to a lot more on a monthly basis.

It starts as work and eventually it grows to a business as you can optionally hire 1 dude 1,000s of miles away, fully equip and train him/her and just manage him or her for 2-4 hours a week on weekly requirements. I’ll show the still live website. I’m guessing the website still makes the new owner around $100-$200 a month just seating online collecting dust thanks to the 100’s of articles that were published through the years.

Now. If you liked my previous blog posts, you might enjoy this blog post even more. So up for today’s blog post…

Next chapter, what I promised in previous post…

  • How to write a valuable book even if you haven’t written half a page in your life
  • How to immediately earn $50 or more each and every day selling your eBook
  • Where to sell your eBooks for multiple streams of income

4 Starting Baby Steps That Will Snowball Yourself To A

$50-$100 Starting Author Success…

Very simple steps as you may also agree. Define your goal, develop a plan, take action, stick to 1 specific project and ultimately you’ll arrive at some kind of success if you follow a mentor or someone that UNDERSTANDS more of what you want to achieve.

I’ve earned 1,000’s a month consistently month by month with this type of work. It obviously didn’t make me rich but it was good enough to pay the bills, get the bank to accept a nice new mortgage and added the comfort of extra vacations.

It sold well as it brought a solution to the target market, still does apparently. Situation always being, I end up selling every asset which is sometimes great and sometimes to my learning surprise, a mistake. That is up for discussion eventually.

Many things have changed since 2005, like how to promote the eBook business and where exactly you can promote to earn $50 to $100 a day with an eBook. However, the principles and the foundation for starting and finishing a great non-fiction book is the same. Many people have different process.

I’ll show you the simplest way to start and finish the book and proceed with everything else that entails earning from your hard earned time. I’ll also add the income proof, it always motivates us a lot more when we see the results. I just like taking my time 🙂

The Goal And The Plan

  • Write a 7,000-10,000 word eBook with a minimum of 25 pages and 50 pages as max
  • A book designed for Adhd readers so that anyone can finish 1 chapter, build up easy momentum devouring the book in 1-2 seats and hopefully ending you with raving fans
  • A book on a particular topic I like, strength(s) in a subject I have and something I know have more experience than other people (yes YOU!)
  • Focus on $50 a day from eBook profits, a very realistic goal (you’ll get to see proof and the Google search function might get you amazed too!)
  • Sell the eBook business for $1,000’s at public auction or private auction through a broker (or keep it)

That’s it. A very simple goal. Nothing fancy. No need for a 50 page business plan (yes they’re overrated!)

Now, you might hate writing, but you could get to love it with these steps eventually. Facts is, a 7,000 word mock-up can be turned into a 25 page Kindle eBook and that’s from personal experience as well. It’s incredibly easy when you’re passionate about a particular subject, get a surge of endless motivation for added progress and when you truly understand enough about a particular market.

Endless amount of “how to” and “what to do’s” can just bamboozle your brain with substantial value for a specific target market with your non-fiction eBook. An eBook that will help many people solve a problem, a special want or both. You remember this movie, right?

The things we’d do with that magic pill. I know good sleep, good amount of exercise and good sex will make you feel like that every day, can’t imagine if that pill actually existed!! Lord have mercy on the righteous!

Why is it so simple to write an eBook?


Indeed! Take Action!

Here Is How To Write An eBook In 15 Days or Less!

–  Make yourself a deadline for starting and finishing 7,000 or 10,000 words (mine is November 30th)

–  Write 10 specific article title’s on something you know more than others, have lots of experience or have specialized expertise starting TODAY!

–  Set a deadline and meet your deadlines. That’s it.

There are many article topics to start for a particular niche, to provide an example based on this blog I can create title’s and write about these endlessly and give proof to it; “How to drive traffic using Google and keeping it for years by free or paid means”, “How to get 100,000 visitors to your eBook site for free with Google”, “What are the best paid advertisements money can buy for your product or service online” , “How to rank your website to the top of Google with little to no investment of your time”.

Even better, do you like dating or do you currently consider your conversion better than average? Why not writing a dating book. I mean it’s super fun. You might guessed where I am heading. I even wrote a darn good report about it and sold everything with the customer list of 900+ subscribers for $3,700 for a few days of fun blog posts and a small report a few years ago. That is what college can do to ANY dude with the right attitude.

Attitude, confidence(results) and you’ll crack yourself up for writing those moments (seriously!)


Hilarious! The shit you believe when you’re kinda’ getting above average results at college, becoming Mr. Polyamory in a given sense and having the starting good times of the 20’s. A little outrageous to believe by every mean, sure I know. “The #1 Puerto Rican Dating Expert?”. We both know that’s one heck of catchy headline to say the least 🙂 I’m with you here. Can’t help but agree on being a little outrageous, but results were the ones guilty of making me create and publish such things. Seriously! As long as you can prove it your mind won’t scream bullshit anytime soon. That’s what matters. So point being, on topic. By creating subject title’s and eye catching topics like I’ve done even at this very same blog at the end of each written blog post here (or like the headline in that old time dating eBook), you set yourself for immediate snow ball effect and momentum as you’ll immediately know what to write about and ultimately come closer to your 7,000 or 10,000 words of value that your ideal customer (target market) will want to read.

With 2,500 words you can have a small report published in Kindle Publisher Network. With 7,000-10,000 words you can easily have a 25-30 page eBook when you integrate relevant images to your eBook. Images or videos not only are great for association of the message or for setting the example you want to set for your reader,  but it adds an ADHD bandage for today’s crazy distraction phenomenon. Even if you don’t have Adhd, you could at least agree that it’s superbly easy for most people to get distracted. So have this in mind if you want to build a tribe or a good silent following.

Next thing you know, few days passed, you’ve written more than 10,000 words of transparent ways to solve a problem and you’ve helped someone in a specific manner by seating your ass for a few hours tops writing weekly solutions. So there is absolutely no need for a 100 page book teaching you how to write a valuable book for a desired target market.

Sure, you’ll need help in formatting, where to promote it and how to get traffic for acquiring fans. A quick Google is a search away if wanting to learn how to “format” an eBook. Paying someone $20 at Fiverr will do it. For acquiring traffic or marketing your book you’ll keep getting your feet wet with my continued blog posts and then some 😉

That All Seems Nice, But I Am Not A Writer!

What’s An Easier Solution To Get My Book Done ASAP?

  1. Visit and create an account
  2. Post a project for a 25-30 for $200.00 USD (the higher your bid the more quality bids you’ll have from awesome writers)
  3. Analyze all the $80-$200+ bids, use the feedback to evaluate and ask for samples of previous books written (or content written to the very least)
  4. Have a 7-14 day deadline (use your preferred writer feedback for this conclusion)
  5. You skipped a part. Congrats! You now monetize by knowing where to offer your eBook and do your best to acquire targeted traffic!


Where To Promote Your New eBook, Get Easily Paid

$50 a Day And Build Continued Momentum! 

Word just popped out and I seriously want to finally see the movie! You get the picture, once you get results, this is easier than most people could think, cowabunga will be the least of your words once you see the first positive results.

You can still associate it to the excitement of waking up early in the morning and seeing that while you slept you got 2-3 sales. That when you actually took the time to write your own book in your own authentic way after you hired someone to write a book for you. Trust me, it’s better when it’s your own hard sweat and worked printed.

So as you might have guessed, here where the fun actually begins! Yes, yes…please smile like Eddie here!  You can tell I really liked the movie, yes 🙂

By experience the best form of advertisement is the one you can track, is predictable and the one that gets you consistent positive results over and over again. There is no second guessing here. When you get traffic from Google count it as a free earned perk that can be taking away at any time.

A perk that you are entitled until Google says you can. Why? Because Google is a business and getting free traffic from search results for your particular keyword(s) is a business-to-business perk, not a business-to-industry serving, which is a priceless reward – when and if – you consistently adapt to the constant changes of Google algorithmic search engine optimization game.

I mean seriously, Google’s search algorithm changes so much that anyone starting a business with the hope of free predictable traffic after a few month of SEO investment might get discourage and think Google search is just bipolar, which they should be as their main business is to get you to pay for Adwords paid traffic and not free search traffic. If you think about it objectively, Google has created a complete industry for itself fortifying the internet industry year by year and creating massive amount of business opportunities worldwide. They are not in the hospitality business.

They can grab you by your “aha assets!” if they want, which is way to much control in my view, and they’ll do whatever they need to do ethically (that’s a faithful spirit view!) to sway multinational companies and other profitable entities to promote themselves through Google Adwords. A puzzle that should be part of your strategic marketing plan, like this how to make extra money from home blog . Free traffic should be part of your strategic methods for acquiring new customers, but not the exclusive one in my personal view.

On a positive note, this blog already is averaging 24 visitors a day with only a blog post at Facebook and a few new readers from search.

I thank in advance does that continue reading, the inside results don’t lie. No paid advertisements or free promotion has been run. Just valuable content that a specific group of people would enjoy. Google should be part of your strategic marketing plan! Don’t discard them. Reasons why in numbers shortly in new blog post updates.

The question What's Your Online Marketing Strategy with words on a website screen stressing the importance of an effective plan to run your business online and achieve growth and success

Places To Promote Your eBook – This Is Where We Dance – Open Your Eyes Wide!

***Take Action, Do Fuck-ups Fast, Adjust, Fix, Create Momentum and Ultimately Become Great At This By Sticking To This***

Marketing – Top 3 Traceable Promotions!  

  • Niche Relevant Forums – find forums in your specific eBook niche. Not only it’s perfect to get exact ideas on what potential customers need answers, but forums are one of my favorite mediums of predictable advertising. Definitely not my favorite, but paid promotions through forums can pay the bills and more with just an eBook.

I have never promoted eBooks on targeted forums, but I am sure an extra $500-$1,000 could have been additionally received each month from targeted relevant niche forums if I were to promote all my history of eBooks at forums, but I preferred for it. So yes, find a very populated forum and pay to market your eBook in a forum sub-category. Usually a signature file link each time you post will get you started with immediate traffic.

Word of caution here with a good example. Fuck ups. Keep them to a minimum, small and manageable. You will make mistakes sooner or later. It is, as you may also agree, how you react to those mistakes that truly make the ending difference. The bigger your greed, the more time it could take you to add a bandage if you error. I’m still paying $1,000’s from a few clients and investor errors here back from 2 short years ago. Shit happens. Still getting fixed and it’s not the end of the world..

To keep it short and simple, build an eBook business(or a business) based on your desire to help first and ultimately to earn some money. Not the other way around. As Zig Ziglar has said before, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”.  Completely agree.

Once you become great at more than a few things and built an image, you can command and ask for $1,000 and even $5,000 and you’ll often get it. Its just the way it is . So be cautious on your promises and your guarantees when you establish a solid positive reputation. You might get what you want, but at a steep price if you don’t plan everything correctly.  So you guessed it. Plan your marketing well (benefits, guarantees, others) and keep testing until you find both paid and free promotional ways to get targeted exposure to your eBook.

I am in numerous forums, over 11 forums since I started. Definitely you can pay the bills and more with just one forum and build a solid business.

Among my favorites to discuss my online marketing tests and promote my own products and services are 3 forums I mingle on an almost daily basis as of now; Wicked Fire , Web Hosting Talk , Digital Point to name a few favorites. Just know that these sites are worthy to actually connect with other fellow entrepreneurs and get answers to possible puzzling questions you may have down the road.

Find a relevant forum niche at to promote your eBook by simple adding quotes to your niche and adding the plus signal with the word forum at the end.

– E.g; “dog training” + forum or you can also try; “dog training forum” in search box. Too easy.

  • – become they’re awesome at free search traffic. My favorite type of traffic, you pay with your time and consistently reap the rewards with very little time after a few months. Search engine optimization also known as “SEO” and you’ll reap the rewards for many, many years no matter your situation. My ass is saved because of So know what Google wants and give what wants. It’s not very simple. Google is an algorithm compromised of a big team that audits and reviews top ranking websites.

Google is the best search engine online and to keep it simple, draws the most amount of crowds because they’ve given people what they want for many years consistently. That is, relevant, highly targeted search results for any keyword searched on search box. And yes, of course, Google is also #1 thanks to Google Adwords paid advertisements. Google Adwords being yet another way of promoting your eBook and tracking your results that’s preferred by many promoters as well.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a particular skill you should also get good at. My favorite and one of the biggest authority websites on the topic of “SEO” is Search Engine Land. You can start studying about SEO, Google and go from there from that particular site. The forums I mentioned above will also become helpful for getting fast answers to your own puzzles.

  • – honestly, who needs introduction here? One big use here. A buyers market organized nicely into most in-demand categories by search.  Join the “Amazon Direct Kindle Network“. Once you’re ready with your eBook and have an eBook cover and formatted book according to Kindle, highly consider adding many if not all of your main information product as Kindle eBook. There are regular Joe’s earning six figures publishing tiny little eBooks in different niches for free at Kindle. You sure read it right, offering their eBook for free 😉

I’ll start my Kindle passive income portfolio this upcoming January 4th, 2016. Diversifying your marketing funnels is just plain smart.

Many folks achieve full time income with only 1 paid advertising medium and one big business online. These were just 3 options. There are many, many more ways to bank! Brainstorm some and get creative. You’ll find more simple ways to get exposure for your eBook launch.

That’s it for today. We are just getting started. Trust me on that one. 


What’s coming NEXT? (A different post!)

  • 5 Things I’ll Pay premium For Starting My Business Online
  • A BlackFriday business deal you should highly consider getting for this 27th of November (I love this day!)
  • How to make way more than $50 a day building your own list of email subscribers



5 Services To Easily Make $50 a Day on Fiverr!

Even if you are vegetarian most of us easily pay $5 for a burger these days. Most of us even spend $5 on ridiculous priced coffee, say environment charms of Starbucks. Definitely.  So how possible would it be to get paid $5 consistently? If you research carefully, Fiverr is a buyers flea market dream and a sellers nightmare for those that don’t offer enough value. Other than that, it’s just awesome. Think of Fiverr as the Dollar Tree store but as a $5 dollar pricing bonanza for bargain hunters.

Enough traffic going into different specialized niche service searches every single day. Worldwide flea market bargain prices you could say. If you can think of an online service, you can bet that they’re currently offering it at for peanuts. Of course, you might say, my time for $5? You crazy! How about 15 or 45 minutes of your time for $20 consistently per sale? Getting better. You bet it does.

Fiverr is one of the easiest ways to earn $50-$100 a day consistently. When I started in 2005 wasn’t that popular, but if you are without any income, if all you may want is to make a few extra dollars to pay the bills or the extra savings for vacations and you don’t have a specialized online skill, anyone can get their feet wet(very wet!) here doing gigs. I mean it’s an ideal option that often require any spending whatsoever. It can work out nicely for anyone that wants $50 or $100 a day. Seriously. It’s really that good.

Here Are Some Fiverr Facts You Should Know…

Fiverr is a top 500 traffic website. It means it gets millions of visitors each month for being the world’s 433 ranked traffic site according to authority reference site, To paint a better picture, (the #1 newspaper in Puerto Rico) is not even in the top 6,000 sites in traffic worldwide. NBA is a top 1,000 website in traffic, ranked 933 to be exact. as of today ranks at 1,656 in traffic out of the estimated 950 million websites currently online right now.

The big picture with Fiverr is an established middlemen flea market service site that gets results since year 2000. You can start selling your time in close to minutes if you’ve your account already set up. You don’t need to guess if your service product will sell or not, because you can immediately see what’s selling. There is no guess work here. All about identifying a niche, improving established competitive value and becoming consistent with your marketing. You can mimic and improve a service of an established hot seller. No need to re-invent the wheel. The pie is big enough as you’ll also get to conclude now. I did a quick search on stuff that was brought to my attention and added some of my favorite gigs below.

Simple Ways To Earn $50 A Day On Fiverr

Micro Niche #1: Provide Your Personal Feedback!

testimonial fiverr gig example for making easy money


By recording yourself or the written word. Have a Gopro or $50 camera that records? You are in business! Now, you obviously don’t believe many of the product testimonials are 100% given out of free will. We might be new, but not that naive, right? I definitely say this to myself from time to time when when I see fake and obvious consistent patterns of testimonials bought for 5 star review rating. Its just a business and the buyer of the gig is the one responsible in his approach as long term he/she might get chewed for such deceptive practice.

Giving reviews in exchange of a review is a hot business, not just in fiverr, in every imaginable product or service you can think off. As a gig seller all you got to receive from your end is the product or service and then after seeing and reviewing the product, you provide your honest positive feedback of what you liked about the product/service received. That’s it.

OMG you might say! Where’s the ethics? It is not wrong from your end to offer such service. It becomes a legit testimonial after the seller confirms to clients it’s a paid review, which many obviously don’t do. That, of course, isn’t your problem, that’s the product owners business. Not yours. Yours is to provide a legitimate review of a particular product or service. That’s it. Nada mĂĄs. What comes after isn’t on you.

Numerous business options here. People can send you the product or provide you the service for free in exchange of your personal opinion. Usually a positive on the benefits. You can be selective as with everything you do obviously. Why be negative and provide a negative feedback if it really isn’t earned, right? You can offer video or text testimonial services as well. If you have a camcorder that records, you can start immediately. If you don’t have a camcorder or camera with recording options and you don’t want to spend money at it. No problem.

Write a text testimonial. Words have a lot of power. Getting paid for your personal opinion is one of the easiest money making gigs you can get on fiverr while still having the bonus perk of keeping the product or service entirely free. Not bad at all, right? You know it!

Not earning a single dollar online yet? What’s your ‘per hour’ time worth? Calculate it so you can strategize and plan accordingly if this type of niche gig sounds interesting enough already. I’ll go more in-depth later on, it’s not just a $5 gigs. After fees, the customer gets charged $5.50 and the seller gets $4 per single gig transaction. The key here is combining what seems to be 1 service, into multiple niche services from 1 specific gig order. So this usually never is a $5 gig, I’ll explain the magic and reasons why in a few minutes.

Micro Niche #2: 300-500 Words Articles

This is and is still one of my favorite niches. Can you easily spit out 40-100 words per minute, congruently, without many – if any –  editorial requirement? If so, you can either start preferably in a small specialized market to get paid faster and more consistently.

The standard rate is often $5 per 500 words if you can write decent English. I am not a fantastic writer myself, but I can surely describe and paint anyone a picture by explaining the linear curve appeal and how sexier Rhona Mitra and Kate Mara would look if they they bless themselves choosing any of my sleeping pillows. Cough, cough! It might not be humor 😉 I’m sure you get the picture here, fantastic niche if you’re just getting started.

Writing is extremely easy when you know more about something then most people. By previous service experience, I’ve gotten paid up to $25 to write a 500 word article in a topic I already knew enough about. Writing about your specific market or general industry audience could catapult you faster into profits as well. Just got to choose the market and get creative with your offerings.

Giving an example. If you create a package of 10 articles of 500 words for $8 per article. That’s a very realistic $80 there. How much time will it take you? I’m guessing less than 5 hours if you know the niche. Ok, so you may not be an awesome writer that think “I can’t get paid $8 per article?” which I am telling you, $8 per 500 words eventually becomes peanuts if you’ve been around in the market for a little while. So to add offering value, you can provide a relevant royalty free image like all my other personal blog posts here to increase the perceive value for a buyer. How about structuring the article correctly in a word document already with an image and a youtube video with the made from scratch content? Aha! Up sales adds for a new good math.

Too easy, right? Better said than done 😉 Consider it, I just love this niche and if you get good I don’t see why not a $2,000 per month fiverr gig here. You just have to pay more attention to details than usual and edit one or two more times after you’re done writing the first 500-3,000 word draft.

Micro Niche #3: Translate Documents, Videos, Podcast, you name it!

If you already know 2 or more languages, what’s stopping you from testing this market? This is a specific niche that’s tackled nicely on fiverr. Five dollars definitely won’t be enough per order here, you’ll definitely have to add some extras to increase the income daily consistency here. Good about it, if you can do it, just adding this gig will get you more traffic to similar gigs or bring more attention to your specialized services.

Translation services are indeed hot services that aren’t a fad or an up-and-down trend. The niche market consistently has enough clients to keep you busy for a day worth of work depending how you structure your offer. That’s a big key here. How you market yourself and what value you offer.

The top sellers are extremely good at what they’re doing and already have solid testimonials – perhaps, yes, “I shouldn’t even think about it and consider this gig service?” Wrong! Sure, the guy in the picture looks like a geek in a positive way. However, you can find ways to improve on his established services and I must say even his looks. Sadly, most people do judge a book by its cover. I am sure you can dress better. All about perception they use to say at my old time Army basic training. It is about intuition and gut feeling with a buyer when you aren’t established well. So you got to play your cards well and show every possible competitive advantage you may have.

Way too easy. Just takes time to brainstorm and organize all your ideas in a structure, organized way and see how you can innovate here or become better. To give you a specific option for this type of micro niche, Google Translator  . It is free and will translate everything you need. It won’t read perfect, but it’ll translate most of the work and all you got to do after is edit the work you were hired to do. Helps you save time for your per hour value.  Moving on!

Micro Niche #4: Resumé Assistance Services!

An excellent option for someone that is in human resources, perhaps for those that know enough about human resources or for the typical connoisseur thanks to specialized job experiences. Either way if you’ve done enough resumes in your life, you surely can grab any of the free templates online and mimic an ideal resume for the job target your buyer is aiming at. It is the internet, it really doesn’t require a lot of science now a days to come up with a solution as you may also agree.

This line of job is a little more technical but someone recently asked me to check their resume and I honestly feel this person would be a more suited for only $5. Just type the title on fiverr and you’ll find her and many other great ones. I also added it because it’s a content driven service with a slide touch of technicality that requires delicacy and attention to detail.

The ‘aha’ part here comes in the great up-sales. I am sure that person is earning a cool $1,000-$1,500 on the side doing a few resumes each week. A niche micro-niche to establish authority. So I know a lot of people look for this and I recently got an inquiry about this and sometimes a friend of a friend isn’t enough. Awesome micro niche market to be with the technical twist that might surely scare enough people. Truth being, this isn’t a difficult service to become great. So consider it as well.


Micro Niche #5: Anything That Requires Technical Expertise

(My favorite type of work!)

Can you create a great logo design, how about a Facebook timeline design? Say, a Pinterest awesome graphic? These are examples of technical work that really pay anywhere online and offline.  The more technical the online work is, the more fees you can command and the more probabilities to save for that next vacation or pay extra bills. If you’ve any technical know how on anything involving web design, software development or anything that involves a level of creativity for marketing purposes, Fiverr would be an ideal safe start.

Few months ago I started learning how to edit videos. The thought of editing videos had me doing space mountain bowel movements even while seating relaxed. Because of the GoPro I was kind of forced to learn how to edit myself long term, as I saw myself really using the little overpriced gadget weekly. Recording the memories forever would be something my future kid(s) would cherish, a brain fart perhaps, but true.  Long story short, I accidentally, became a video editor slowly going from Windows Movie Maker editing software to the latest Adobe Premiere Pro now. This is work that’s viewed as a nightmare and somewhat boring. However, if you consider yourself just a little creative, have a keen eye for details and love recording lifetime memories like myself, yet another gig you can add to your portfolio. Huge market with non-stop daily sales for many sellers on fiverr here for any associated with design and editing.

How To Strategically Increase Your Chances for $50-$100 Days With Fiverr Gigs?


The key with Fiverr is the micro niche market you pick, how you market your services and the added up-sales additions you include for your initial $5 gig. As you can see from the picture above, this particular seller is a smart one and an experience one in his micro niche. The add on up-sales usually won’t cost you a dime and your clients can end up paying for these 3rd party services you might be using to completely fulfill purchases.

The first two options (the $20 and $10 options) are obvious valuable additions for most clients, but what is “premium” and who defines “commercial” use? Almost all the time it won’t be the seller, it’ll be one of the services I also use to get graphics and images that are fully royalty-free and fully licensed for commercial or reselling purposes. Say, greatly diminishing getting into legal trouble. Right!

In the first 2 options anyone with a technical experience in online design know that, and are premium services for images, graphics and even videos. So the seller above is just adding up sale options and pocketing more money, which is what the client may want.

By looking at the above image you know up-sales on Fiverr will skyrocket your Fiverr service earnings. So how do you strategically increase your chances for $100 a day on Fiverr? I’ll personally remember McDonalds every time, “would you like fries with that sir” and all the sizable upgrades they offer to go from a $4 special to almost a $8 junk food package. It’s a fantastic reminding example. So consider doing the same for Fiverr. Add multiple valuable options that can be integrated to your $5 gig as an add on up-sale. If you think it through, you’ll know it often won’t cost you much for the additions.

Another strategic way to skyrocket your earnings with Fiverr would be by creating “bundles”.

Bundle offers are a simple collection of products often within the same relevant niche product or service. You can just add more value to an existing offer to increase the perceived value and the real value. In layman words, 2 or more products in a single pricing packaged together to offer more and charge more for a particular product or service.

This another valuable way to increase the chances of a higher mark up for each sale done. The added benefit of having more products is that it creates more exposure and ultimately should mean faster sales on your end. That is the notion of it.

Once people see there are many sales pending in Fiverr, and they’re interested in your type of product, you skyrocket your chances of adding another customer as the real value and the perceived value of having pending sales creates a vacuum of on-going sales on a daily basis. Once you’ve numerous offers pending (20+ or more) you’ll want to maintain that level of orders in queue and include multiple creative up-sales. You will be a busy, profitable seller.

More information coming for this particular blog post. Practice, patience and getting started. Now get to work 😉


What’s up for Manifesto Day #3?

– How to write a valuable book even if you haven’t written half a page in your life

– How to immediately earn $50 or more each and every day selling your eBook

– Where to sell your eBooks for multiple streams of income




Manifesto Day #1: How To Make $50 Extra A Day From Home Without A Lot Of Money!

Happy Friday! I’m super excited to start this new blog with my first instructional book lesson for what will become a 15 day marathon.

I’ve chosen Friday. This day is when I want to leave my office work early, phone starts ringing (usually 1-4 calls..not 20, but still not bad for being considered anti-social for some lol!) and it’s usually the time when I really feel tempted with distractions to brain book my afternoon-nighttime Mojito with a new date, old friend or just enjoy a dinner and a movie for an early morning scuba dive or what not!

So this is the first chapter of what will ultimately become a simple, instructional, “what to do” and “how to do it” book in the “make money online” sense. For me, this’ll be an exciting 15 day marathon to finishing a book on top of the exciting work I’ve for the best month of the year.

For my Facebook readers and new friends slowly arriving from Google, this will be the first chapter of a book that I’ll quickly title “How To Easily Make $50 A Day From The Comfort Of Home” just to throw a relevant, non-brainstormed title.

For the next 15 straight blog posts you’ll freely learn

  • 15 ways to make $50 extra each day online with just your internet connection
  • Step by step instructions of “What To Do” and “How To Do It”
  • Tools and resources you’ll need to accomplish it

“Why $50 a day and not $100 a day?!”

1) It’s a big micro niche segment that pays nice no matter how you monetize.

2) 1,000’s are interested in Google search for $50 a day.

3) A lot of Puerto Ricans’ and friendly folks in the upper states will also be thrilled to know!

(and do hold your horses, I’ll even show you how to do up to $1,600 in a single day without having to gamble!)


  • The 15 ways to make an extra $50 extra a day online is a realistic, achievable goal for just about anyone without skills in less than 30 days
  • Even without experience, anyone with half a brain can do it
  • It only requires the desire to get paid and do the work
  • You won’t ever run out of money, even if you quit your job, downsized or you get fired from your primary 9-5pm long as you put the time in, keep at it and do the required adjustments
  • You get to stay at home, enjoy time with your kids(if you have any!) and you can schedule your own working hours
  • It’s _______ AWESOME to work from home and bank $50 each day without much experience (I just remember my first feelings of it back in 2005 when I waked up early morning, just to see how many sales were made after sleeping for hours! Its like Christmas for adults!)


  • Easy may equal lots of hours of start-up work because of competition doing the same (depends on your marketing skills, I’ll help here)
  • Everyone with half-a-brain can do it, just requires time and dedication
  • Depending the job you selected, to earn $50 a day, you might work more than a 9-5pm which might suck depending your standards
  • You might find yourself without the camaraderie that comes from a regular outside job, you’ll mostly be alone
  • You might get addicted (not sure if this is downside, you be the judge!)

So what do you do, how do you start, when can I start? Trust me, I hear you. I’ll get to that shortly in the next blog posts. I promise. Bare with me. Don’t skip absolutely anything. It’s so important that you don’t skip this very first analytical step on your end. A step that helps me and allows many of us successfully get paid from home, is the mindset of why we friggin start.

Hand with marker writing: Why Do I Want To Start a Business?

The mindset and the reasons that at first may start at $50, might end you at $0, stall or questionably in comfort with a certain income. The right mindset by experience can also get you to scale, think bigger as you gain experience and ultimately gain niche market expertise.

Nobody wants to stay at $50, but there are surely numerous reasons why to start at the bottom. Furthermore, you’ll UNDERSTAND how most of the industry/market you’re in works.

Besides, a lot of people would sacrifice some income just to stay at home and $50 bucks a day is a sought-after amount searched by many according to my Google research.

Most importantly, $50 a day is a very achievable goal. Your motivation, your enthusiasm, your attitude, your dedication and your determination could make it much bigger. It might take you more time. It might get you crazy not having anyone to talk to about it at the beginning (<—for now) and you could feel like quitting as it may be smart quitting early as you don’t get the fast and easy results others sell.

Well, sorry to break it this way, but welcome to the new uncomfort zone. Nothing that’s worth having comes easy and fast. If it does, you and I know it usually doesn’t last.

My starting advice, pick only 1 specific way of making $50 a day and stick with it. I’ll post 15 of them in my next 15 posts in this specific blogging series. Don’t get distracted, don’t jump from one to another opportunity. The moment you see one that you really dig, start planning and take action. You’ll have 15 proven ways that I personally know from experience or from proof that I’ll show you, that are proven to net $50 a day.

Your reasons of why you start will become big enough to seek answers to potential roadblocks. Make sure your reasons have enough meaning or your enthusiasm, attitude and determination will fade faster than you think.  Which brings me to the next important reminder.

Habits and Motivation

Words can’t be more truthful. I started this blog November 1st. If I didn’t have the motivation I wouldn’t started it. What’s your motivation, what keeps you motivated? What would get you going? Find that job or routinely tasks that will keep you motivated to start and that’ll help keep you going to form a new daily habit. Snowball effect with priorities so to speak.

Yes indeed, to work just a small % of your time. It doesn’t have to be 5 hours a day, it could be a simple 1 hour a day like I personally do with my Duolingo Italian treats as a nighttime pillow treat.

In other words, find something that you feel that you’ll like doing long term (you don’t have to love it at first) and like me, you’ll be able to stick with it with less uncomfort at the beginning.

Which brings me to my the next reminder of what I know works for me.

Attitude Is Everything Marker Sign Concept

Oh yes. The amount of difference this makes on my own life is incredible. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the benefits of having the right attitude.

In personal experience and long story short. I love flashbacks and time to time dejavĂș’s. Everything great started in college and everything awesome continued after ending college. The never ending confidence that’ll never fade out thanks to the experiences, goodness!

Fact being, the winning attitude that catapulted me on a professional level was the $8 an hour (Avg of $15,600 a year from my main full time job) in 2010 in a cool, interesting job with friends I still keep in touch with, to almost being close to $60k online all from the comfort of home the very next year after really wanting progress and something way bigger than what I’ve done before. I know it was within me. It ended up being pretty special.

Check out the screenshot and click it. I hope it gets you quite motivated. I know I’ll be quite excited after seeing the proof.



I even did a video on this and published a short release of it online few years ago to get feedback. It was all about viral marketing for me. I didn’t care about the negativity it’d have brought locally, but more of the publicity in viral marketing and the positive results the next biz idea could have been.

I know it would had been at least, somewhat of a hit, but I shut down the entire concept and kept focusing in my international clients instead.

It was my first official full time year online out of the $30k a year online avgs from 2005-2008, which are yet more proof for later case studies in order for you to reach your own decisions and choose. For now, here’s the video proof I was referring above. Anyone can photoshop or so they say. Video is kind of funny. You been warned. You could guess what were my intentions here.

I was about to launch something a little unconventional. The business was going to be named  Yes, all about viral marketing and gaining as much publicity as possible. The equivalent of “Only for the lazy” as a domain name having the below video as starting proof all over in        d-boards and offline promotions. Oh boy! A crazy with some unique ideas, I know. I think I can read you, but the results keep coming 🙂

Could you just imagine the ending results when everything we see is traditional marketing! Someone eventually bought the crazy domain name and used it for porn, probably thought I’d care entertaining the thought of buying the domain name back, the guy did emailed me offering the domain name back for $500 few days after I let it pass. Like if I wanted it, shh. Big Jesus. Anyways, years in the making as you’ll see. I didn’t start yesterday of course. Here’s the quick, quite funny but ok unedited full of proof video. Just tells a bit of my history.



Funny, perhaps interesting and a little different I suppose. It worked for a lifestyle everyone said it was impossible . Most people still think a full time income online is impossible. However, with the proof and ongoing determination, anyone can go from being a dreamer to an overachiever. And I think I can relate. It was a pretty cool full time start I must admit.

What a ride that started. It really isn’t that difficult. These are small numbers compared to the ones of my mentors and the people I follow in my studies. The amount of confident this brought, on top of everything already experienced from college, it was just awesome. Just imagine. All because of an attitude in wanting to tackle an in-depth challenge. Ave maria!

I even remember calling paypal to change all that history to the company name countless times due to an error in their system with my tax id and incorporated company name, I couldn’t imagine getting taxed through the nose if it was kept under my real name. In the end the paypal error was fixed and added under the correct company name for that tax year.

Almost had a heart attack as paypal does report any income after $20k to the IRS and just about every government agency that requests such details. Those were big numbers for me back in the time, they still are of course. Issue with paypal was eventually fixed.

That particular business was started in November, 2010 part-time and I was happy to become exclusively full time in January, 2011 for an ‘ok year’ as you see. You’ll learn more of this type of business along the way as well.

The point and reminder being, our attitude towards a new project, new challenge or a new activity will more than often dictate whether you end up getting what you want or not. Very simple as you may also agree.

Just sound reminders with enough merit before we start. The attention that you set for yourself every day, can really REALLY make a whole lot of friggin difference! I’m sure you’re tired of the motivational books and the likes, just saving quite a few people a $10 kindle purchase of a 100 page cruise. Ever read Don Quijote? I’m sure you get the picture!

Which brings me to my next coolest grown man reminder

Man Hand writing "A goal without a plan is just a wish" black marker on visual screen.

Once you’ve chosen any of the 15 ways of earning extra money online, mimic my own starting action plan to your own. See what I’ll personally do in such online job option for earning $50 a day if I were in your shoes. So carefully select any of the ways I’ve tested or that I already have valid proof that works and fill it in with your own working schedule. The faster you get to work, the faster you’ll accomplish what you want. It’s that simple.

Now this up ahead feeling will surely happen to you. When you hit a roadblock or when you don’t get the results you wanted soon enough. Many more reasons. What exactly? Yes…

Motivation Poster for your WorkoutThere will surely be times when you’ll want to quit. I can assure you, the 15 upcoming mentioned ways of earning $50 a day from this particular blog series are a surefire realistic objective. For some it’s a big time goal, for some of you it’d just become a simple objective depending the years of experience you have online. Pick and choose.

The main point stands. When you’ve that conscious feeling of quitting and you’ve already confirmed from someone that knows more than you do that a method words, just think of the reasons of why you started. I’m more than confident it’ll remind you on why you should keep at it, and not quit with this specific objective of what I think is an easy way to earn $50 to $100 extra dollars a day online. I’m just saying $50 to keep conservative 😉

Yes, of course, there are things you should know when to quit early. Unhealthy job, unhealthy relationship, friendships that you would hardly learn anything, smoking, eating pizza’s every week. Last one is still a habit of mine, but nobody is perfect. Darn it! However, none of the sound and simple money making methods brought up in the series should be a reason to debunk your goals online. Just remember and remind yourself why you started, like the designed image nicely portrays when someone initiates a gym membership. To become healthier or look the best above average’you’ can ever be. The same with any other goal. Remember the top reasons of why you started!

Which also brings me to the next realistic contingency thought

Hope For The Best

Do you know 100% if you’ll make it? Do you definitely know if your partner will be entirely committed to the relationship? Can you guarantee yourself meeting another awesome date tonight even if you’re a Salsa or the latest Kizomba lover? Will you have awesome sex tonight Smile None ya! I know, but point still stands. Hope for the best and always plan for the worst on just about everything.

You never know what the future holds for you online or anywhere else. Your fully paid car might get stolen. Busted for being both naked on the car? That will suck. You might even get downsized from your main local job the next morning. Who knows. To reiterate, hope for the best but indeed, plan for the worst happening. The worst potentially being, that it might not work like you planned or that you might positively get to say, NEXT! I mean, it helps me a friggin lot! De verdad que sí!

And lastly, to finish the first chapter of what’ll become an exciting series for some, one of many kindle books and a new info product membership on my end eventually. Highly consider reminding yourself of this last smart saying for everything that you initiate. Pretty good chance you may also agree if you keep it real. Darn it is so truthful and awesome!

Whether you think you can or you can't - you're right, motivational quote by Henry Ford on a slate b

Let the new beginning for some, and the continued excitement for others, continue! Back to my bigger projects. For now, here’s what awaits for my next blog post. Details below.


What’s up for Manifesto Day #2?

– How to surely make $50 a day by ____________

– A strategic map to starting and finishing with $50 a day

– How to tweak, adjust and find answers to your new puzzle


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