5 Services To Easily Make $50 a Day on Fiverr!

Even if you are vegetarian most of us easily pay $5 for a burger these days. Most of us even spend $5 on ridiculous priced coffee, say environment charms of Starbucks. Definitely.  So how possible would it be to get paid $5 consistently? If you research carefully, Fiverr is a buyers flea market dream and a sellers nightmare for those that don’t offer enough value. Other than that, it’s just awesome. Think of Fiverr as the Dollar Tree store but as a $5 dollar pricing bonanza for bargain hunters.

Enough traffic going into different specialized niche service searches every single day. Worldwide flea market bargain prices you could say. If you can think of an online service, you can bet that they’re currently offering it at fiverr.com for peanuts. Of course, you might say, my time for $5? You crazy! How about 15 or 45 minutes of your time for $20 consistently per sale? Getting better. You bet it does.

Fiverr is one of the easiest ways to earn $50-$100 a day consistently. When I started in 2005 Fiverr.com wasn’t that popular, but if you are without any income, if all you may want is to make a few extra dollars to pay the bills or the extra savings for vacations and you don’t have a specialized online skill, anyone can get their feet wet(very wet!) here doing gigs. I mean it’s an ideal option that often require any spending whatsoever. It can work out nicely for anyone that wants $50 or $100 a day. Seriously. It’s really that good.

Here Are Some Fiverr Facts You Should Know…

Fiverr is a top 500 traffic website. It means it gets millions of visitors each month for being the world’s 433 ranked traffic site according to authority reference site, alexa.com. To paint a better picture, elnuevodia.com (the #1 newspaper in Puerto Rico) is not even in the top 6,000 sites in traffic worldwide. NBA is a top 1,000 website in traffic, ranked 933 to be exact. Disney.com as of today ranks at 1,656 in traffic out of the estimated 950 million websites currently online right now.

The big picture with Fiverr.com. Fiverr is an established middlemen flea market service site that gets results since year 2000. You can start selling your time in close to minutes if you’ve your account already set up. You don’t need to guess if your service product will sell or not, because you can immediately see what’s selling. There is no guess work here. All about identifying a niche, improving established competitive value and becoming consistent with your marketing. You can mimic and improve a service of an established hot seller. No need to re-invent the wheel. The pie is big enough as you’ll also get to conclude now. I did a quick search on stuff that was brought to my attention and added some of my favorite gigs below.

Simple Ways To Earn $50 A Day On Fiverr

Micro Niche #1: Provide Your Personal Feedback!

testimonial fiverr gig example for making easy money


By recording yourself or the written word. Have a Gopro or $50 camera that records? You are in business! Now, you obviously don’t believe many of the Amazon.com product testimonials are 100% given out of free will. We might be new, but not that naive, right? I definitely say this to myself from time to time when when I see fake and obvious consistent patterns of testimonials bought for 5 star review rating. Its just a business and the buyer of the gig is the one responsible in his approach as long term he/she might get chewed for such deceptive practice.

Giving Amazon.com reviews in exchange of a review is a hot business, not just in fiverr, in every imaginable product or service you can think off. As a gig seller all you got to receive from your end is the product or service and then after seeing and reviewing the product, you provide your honest positive feedback of what you liked about the product/service received. That’s it.

OMG you might say! Where’s the ethics? It is not wrong from your end to offer such service. It becomes a legit testimonial after the seller confirms to clients it’s a paid review, which many obviously don’t do. That, of course, isn’t your problem, that’s the product owners business. Not yours. Yours is to provide a legitimate review of a particular product or service. That’s it. Nada más. What comes after isn’t on you.

Numerous business options here. People can send you the product or provide you the service for free in exchange of your personal opinion. Usually a positive on the benefits. You can be selective as with everything you do obviously. Why be negative and provide a negative feedback if it really isn’t earned, right? You can offer video or text testimonial services as well. If you have a camcorder that records, you can start immediately. If you don’t have a camcorder or camera with recording options and you don’t want to spend money at it. No problem.

Write a text testimonial. Words have a lot of power. Getting paid for your personal opinion is one of the easiest money making gigs you can get on fiverr while still having the bonus perk of keeping the product or service entirely free. Not bad at all, right? You know it!

Not earning a single dollar online yet? What’s your ‘per hour’ time worth? Calculate it so you can strategize and plan accordingly if this type of niche gig sounds interesting enough already. I’ll go more in-depth later on, it’s not just a $5 gigs. After fiverr.com fees, the customer gets charged $5.50 and the seller gets $4 per single gig transaction. The key here is combining what seems to be 1 service, into multiple niche services from 1 specific gig order. So this usually never is a $5 gig, I’ll explain the magic and reasons why in a few minutes.

Micro Niche #2: 300-500 Words Articles

This is and is still one of my favorite niches. Can you easily spit out 40-100 words per minute, congruently, without many – if any –  editorial requirement? If so, you can either start preferably in a small specialized market to get paid faster and more consistently.

The standard rate is often $5 per 500 words if you can write decent English. I am not a fantastic writer myself, but I can surely describe and paint anyone a picture by explaining the linear curve appeal and how sexier Rhona Mitra and Kate Mara would look if they they bless themselves choosing any of my sleeping pillows. Cough, cough! It might not be humor 😉 I’m sure you get the picture here, fantastic niche if you’re just getting started.

Writing is extremely easy when you know more about something then most people. By previous service experience, I’ve gotten paid up to $25 to write a 500 word article in a topic I already knew enough about. Writing about your specific market or general industry audience could catapult you faster into profits as well. Just got to choose the market and get creative with your offerings.

Giving an example. If you create a package of 10 articles of 500 words for $8 per article. That’s a very realistic $80 there. How much time will it take you? I’m guessing less than 5 hours if you know the niche. Ok, so you may not be an awesome writer that think “I can’t get paid $8 per article?” which I am telling you, $8 per 500 words eventually becomes peanuts if you’ve been around in the market for a little while. So to add offering value, you can provide a relevant royalty free image like all my other personal blog posts here to increase the perceive value for a buyer. How about structuring the article correctly in a word document already with an image and a youtube video with the made from scratch content? Aha! Up sales adds for a new good math.

Too easy, right? Better said than done 😉 Consider it, I just love this niche and if you get good I don’t see why not a $2,000 per month fiverr gig here. You just have to pay more attention to details than usual and edit one or two more times after you’re done writing the first 500-3,000 word draft.

Micro Niche #3: Translate Documents, Videos, Podcast, you name it!

If you already know 2 or more languages, what’s stopping you from testing this market? This is a specific niche that’s tackled nicely on fiverr. Five dollars definitely won’t be enough per order here, you’ll definitely have to add some extras to increase the income daily consistency here. Good about it, if you can do it, just adding this gig will get you more traffic to similar gigs or bring more attention to your specialized services.

Translation services are indeed hot services that aren’t a fad or an up-and-down trend. The niche market consistently has enough clients to keep you busy for a day worth of work depending how you structure your offer. That’s a big key here. How you market yourself and what value you offer.

The top sellers are extremely good at what they’re doing and already have solid testimonials – perhaps, yes, “I shouldn’t even think about it and consider this gig service?” Wrong! Sure, the guy in the picture looks like a geek in a positive way. However, you can find ways to improve on his established services and I must say even his looks. Sadly, most people do judge a book by its cover. I am sure you can dress better. All about perception they use to say at my old time Army basic training. It is about intuition and gut feeling with a buyer when you aren’t established well. So you got to play your cards well and show every possible competitive advantage you may have.

Way too easy. Just takes time to brainstorm and organize all your ideas in a structure, organized way and see how you can innovate here or become better. To give you a specific option for this type of micro niche, Google Translator  . It is free and will translate everything you need. It won’t read perfect, but it’ll translate most of the work and all you got to do after is edit the work you were hired to do. Helps you save time for your per hour value.  Moving on!

Micro Niche #4: Resumé Assistance Services!

An excellent option for someone that is in human resources, perhaps for those that know enough about human resources or for the typical connoisseur thanks to specialized job experiences. Either way if you’ve done enough resumes in your life, you surely can grab any of the free templates online and mimic an ideal resume for the job target your buyer is aiming at. It is the internet, it really doesn’t require a lot of science now a days to come up with a solution as you may also agree.

This line of job is a little more technical but someone recently asked me to check their resume and I honestly feel this person would be a more suited for only $5. Just type the title on fiverr and you’ll find her and many other great ones. I also added it because it’s a content driven service with a slide touch of technicality that requires delicacy and attention to detail.

The ‘aha’ part here comes in the great up-sales. I am sure that person is earning a cool $1,000-$1,500 on the side doing a few resumes each week. A niche micro-niche to establish authority. So I know a lot of people look for this and I recently got an inquiry about this and sometimes a friend of a friend isn’t enough. Awesome micro niche market to be with the technical twist that might surely scare enough people. Truth being, this isn’t a difficult service to become great. So consider it as well.


Micro Niche #5: Anything That Requires Technical Expertise

(My favorite type of work!)

Can you create a great logo design, how about a Facebook timeline design? Say, a Pinterest awesome graphic? These are examples of technical work that really pay anywhere online and offline.  The more technical the online work is, the more fees you can command and the more probabilities to save for that next vacation or pay extra bills. If you’ve any technical know how on anything involving web design, software development or anything that involves a level of creativity for marketing purposes, Fiverr would be an ideal safe start.

Few months ago I started learning how to edit videos. The thought of editing videos had me doing space mountain bowel movements even while seating relaxed. Because of the GoPro I was kind of forced to learn how to edit myself long term, as I saw myself really using the little overpriced gadget weekly. Recording the memories forever would be something my future kid(s) would cherish, a brain fart perhaps, but true.  Long story short, I accidentally, became a video editor slowly going from Windows Movie Maker editing software to the latest Adobe Premiere Pro now. This is work that’s viewed as a nightmare and somewhat boring. However, if you consider yourself just a little creative, have a keen eye for details and love recording lifetime memories like myself, yet another gig you can add to your portfolio. Huge market with non-stop daily sales for many sellers on fiverr here for any associated with design and editing.

How To Strategically Increase Your Chances for $50-$100 Days With Fiverr Gigs?


The key with Fiverr is the micro niche market you pick, how you market your services and the added up-sales additions you include for your initial $5 gig. As you can see from the picture above, this particular seller is a smart one and an experience one in his micro niche. The add on up-sales usually won’t cost you a dime and your clients can end up paying for these 3rd party services you might be using to completely fulfill purchases.

The first two options (the $20 and $10 options) are obvious valuable additions for most clients, but what is “premium” and who defines “commercial” use? Almost all the time it won’t be the seller, it’ll be one of the services I also use to get graphics and images that are fully royalty-free and fully licensed for commercial or reselling purposes. Say, greatly diminishing getting into legal trouble. Right!

In the first 2 options anyone with a technical experience in online design know that pixabay.com(free), fotolia.com and bigstock.com are premium services for images, graphics and even videos. So the seller above is just adding up sale options and pocketing more money, which is what the client may want.

By looking at the above image you know up-sales on Fiverr will skyrocket your Fiverr service earnings. So how do you strategically increase your chances for $100 a day on Fiverr? I’ll personally remember McDonalds every time, “would you like fries with that sir” and all the sizable upgrades they offer to go from a $4 special to almost a $8 junk food package. It’s a fantastic reminding example. So consider doing the same for Fiverr. Add multiple valuable options that can be integrated to your $5 gig as an add on up-sale. If you think it through, you’ll know it often won’t cost you much for the additions.

Another strategic way to skyrocket your earnings with Fiverr would be by creating “bundles”.

Bundle offers are a simple collection of products often within the same relevant niche product or service. You can just add more value to an existing offer to increase the perceived value and the real value. In layman words, 2 or more products in a single pricing packaged together to offer more and charge more for a particular product or service.

This another valuable way to increase the chances of a higher mark up for each sale done. The added benefit of having more products is that it creates more exposure and ultimately should mean faster sales on your end. That is the notion of it.

Once people see there are many sales pending in Fiverr, and they’re interested in your type of product, you skyrocket your chances of adding another customer as the real value and the perceived value of having pending sales creates a vacuum of on-going sales on a daily basis. Once you’ve numerous offers pending (20+ or more) you’ll want to maintain that level of orders in queue and include multiple creative up-sales. You will be a busy, profitable seller.

More information coming for this particular blog post. Practice, patience and getting started. Now get to work 😉


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5 Services To Easily Make $50 a Day on Fiverr!

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