Internet Marketing Tools Every Online Business Owner Should Have

It is a huge list. The list varies from the required, to the optional and to the dirtiest tools that have proven to be both effective and efficient at what they do. It is a huge list, 90% + of the tools listed I have personally used and the rest I am about to use or would be using shortly. I’m sure that with the right person behind the wheel of many of these tools, these tools are just fantastic to own license or have access to its use.

As I always recommend for long blog posts studies, grab yourself some good cheap win. Cabernet Sauvignon does the job, Tropicana and vodka as contingency if you’re running low. Get creative. Some of the tools recommended here are a complete puzzle by themselves, but they get results when used with the right strategy. For other tools, you’ll be enticed to share the content in a 2nd update. Enjoy!

New Domains (.Com, .Net, .Org) if you want to buy a domain extension, this is the place you buy it. Prices are better if you intend to keep the domain name for more than a year and domain renewals and privacy registration with ICANN are consistently year by year better priced.

– you probably have seen their SuperBowl commercials, my lesbi-honest and lesbionic thoughts for some reason continue tricking my sub-conscious here. Such a bad idea to be straight and have yuyu feelings for a lesbian. Goodness, you’ve been warned! Godaddy often offers $0.99 domain coupons and different types of discount codes online. A quick Google search will add a few useful coupons for immediate savings. Great domain registrar overall, but I prefer NameCheap for long term websites. If I am unsure about a domain and I kind of like the domain name, I just grab a domain coupon and purchase it for short term savings or until the new idea develops. Works fine for me.

Aged Domains very smooth transactions here. I bought this in-demand blog domain extension ( for just $350 from a seller at Sedo as I found all other extensions were taken. Also bought another $550 .info awesome domain name recently as well and smooth transfers and transaction, no security issues. Both were great, smooth and safe transactions as the website also acts as a brokerage service. You just use a 3rd party escrow service to pay for the domain or if you’re a buyer suggest paying with (a smart seller won’t risk getting a chargeback from a stranger after delivering a domain)

– – I like these service, I’ve snatched 20+ years old aged domains with link profile, relevant to my niche market (or clients market) and it’s a fantastic source for acquiring domains with overall page authority and domain authority. Google often trusts aged and matured domains with a link history, problem is it takes huge amount of time and you’ll often get overbid for good ones. So I often go with or my 3rd favorite option.

GoDaddy Auctions – think Danika Patrick again! You can tell the owner is quite unconventional in his marketing and so are their auctions. You can grab from expired and deleted domains to 20+ years old high quality million dollar domains up for sell/review in different industries all categorized nicely. Bought quite a few domains as well and you might get lucky or surprised by just seeing what you could find for a particular keyword you’re interested in having for your domain name.

Market Research

Google Keyword Planner – an accurate free depiction of what your particular keyword demand is by pointing traffic estimates for Google search and what people are paying in Google Adwords for a particular keyword. It can’t get more accurate if it comes from Google, best of all it’s free. Not my favorite, but it does the starting job.

KeywordTool – it cost a pretty penny, but I often use it depending on the project I am working on instead of using Google Keyword Planner. It provides feedback in numbers from numerous sources such as YouTube, App Store and Bing..not just Google. I have access to it through secret Co-Op. I almost never pay retail price for anything online, you shouldn’t neither.

My Two Favorite Market Research Tools – They Are Worth Every Penny!

[sociallocker]- – my favorite tools aren’t free, but they do offer free access with limitations. I love this tool as this tool combined with my secondary favorite provide what most MBA geeks would call a SWOT analysis. Now, this one is effective, fast and and user-friendly way to conducting market research analysis.

I’m not referring to just keyword research like Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool, I am talking about a comprehensive analysis and full competitive analysis for picking the best keywords and knowing how to beat top 10 competitors at Google for your targeted keywords. Not only that it provides you intel on where your competitors are getting both free and paid traffic, but provides you report on what are the most in-demand keywords your competitors are ranking at Google and a whole lot more that merits a 10 page report. That’s the company’s business 🙂 This tool is stealth research at its best, just another tool to strategically use and the one I’ll use if I could only afford one. I don’t pay retail monthly fees, you shouldn’t neither.

A kind bartering offer will be posted soon in order to see which tool this is, starting tweaks for December as I continue testing the blog, yes! – combine this tool with my favorite SWOT analysis major tool and you’re limited to the time you put in for getting free traffic at Google, plus on top of that you get to strategically drop even more precise conclusions on what’s the best route for your new, recurrent or established online business. Can’t beat that with these two tools!

Awesome feature about this research tool is that you can export your results and paste them into a more profound tool like ‘XX’ to complete what I’ll call a geeky SWOT MBA analysis the internet marketing way!

We continue with other great tools…[/sociallocker] ever since Page Rank – a discontinued metric by Google to judge a website’s authority and importance – got wiped out from Google’s servers back in December 2013 (say hello to Google Adwords capitalism!), SEO’s and regular small and pop stores have been looking for ways to judge/speculate, research and understand how potentially powerful under the eyes of Google an established domain currently is. MajesticSeo fills this gap and is one of my top 3 preferred tools (and a favorite among online business owners) to accomplish many of the research aspects that comes to establishing a new websites, buying an online business or plainly spying on a competitors website.

If you aren’t into ranking your websites on your own to the top of Google for free traffic and prefer paying someone $100’s per month (been there done that!) then by all means skip this SEO tool. There are many videos on youtube to understand it and countless amount of studies online to understand how to dig deep into researching an established domain.

One thing I know with this tool is that you can easily find linking manipulation tactics and SPAM strategies from websites trying to trick Google for acquiring top search engine rankings, this tool in the hands of the right operator will trigger the proof you need to de-index any competitor site from top 10 Google rankings.

KwFinder – rapidly becoming a new favorite competitive keyword research tool. A keyword research tool only, yes, but it’s VERY effective to paint a better picture of the potential of your project keywords and your intended domain name. I love this tool for three specific reasons. It gives you an immediate analysis of the top 10 ranked websites for the keyword you want to rank at Google with preliminary SEO details to a competitors page, tell me what business owners are paying per visitor on average on Google Adwords and it also gives me an algorythmic opinion on how difficult a keyword could be to rank at Google based on kwfinder proprietary (or API leased) metrics. Wonderful!

Preliminary important details such as page rank(PR) – even if page rank hasn’t exist for years, it still provides a rough idea – how many Google+/Facebook shares competitor page has and countless more. And many other awesome secondary key features like advance details on how diversified a competitors linking profile looks like, which is great. It doesn’t go very analytic and deep like MajesticSEO or my top 2 favorite tools, but I think a rough guideline and reference is great depending on what you can afford for a start.

Membership Websites

OptimizePress -the best membership software in my experience for lead generation, free and paid membership accounts and building a valuable content based business. After 6 months this domain could end up converting itself into an optimizepress membership website. The best features, benefits and the best bang for your buck if you’re interested in the membership business model. Excellent WordPress membership mega plugin.

WishList – never used it, but the available comparisons are close to OptimizePress. An excellent membership tool that you should have in mind with similar attributes to OptimizePress. It has similarities but from my limited video research, it looks fantastic and the overall feedback is that this tool is the best in the market for WordPress. OptimizePress has the critical factors for a proper marketing funnel that WishList lacks. However, an excellent choice preferred by a great majority.

Shopping Cart & Payment Processor 

– – you obviously haven’t been living under a rock so this will probably become the shortest explanation sentence ever in the blog 🙂

Authorize.Net – this company has been around for close to 20 years now and I successfully use their services for physical shipped products many moons ago when they use to charge $99/per month and bigger setup fees. The amount of custom options you could and still are able to set makes this the most complete payment processor alongside with a paypal payment option during checkout.

A great alternative for $25 monthly when many of us use to pay close to $100 each month when paypal lack custom options. Paypal is now the #1 choice, I am testing this option this month along with paypal for added checkout experience, my experiences later as always.

SamCart – the best shopping cart I have ever seen and the one I’ll personally recommend. “1ShoppingCart” is a good choice, but when it comes to simplicity, features and managing the shopping cart experience on your own while still offering your own affiliate program to potential JV partners, having total control over easy to setup options for any person that can follow instructions…SAMCART is fantastic. The best in my experience with 4 different shopping carts I have worked for on a constant basis.

Remember, back in 2005 you could just get payment and the client your product, that’s it! You wash your hands and customer was often very happy. Today, with so many options and competitors you should set “thank you page” for each product, offer an upsale after first initial purchase, a downsell product or service just in case they didn’t like the upsale product, manage your email marketing starting welcome emails, optin/opt-out automatic closures and all that cool professional mumbo jumbo that defines you as a professional and potential authority in the view of your market.

This system is my biggest business monthly expense, but clients pay for it under my paypal account and it counts as a business expense that helps me others turn a $20-$50 one time sell into $100 or more from just one checkout experience from an eager customer that wants your product or services. Impeccable customer service and support.

Email Marketing (Autoresponders) 

GetResponse – this is an essential marketing tool whether you’re exclusively in business in your own local shop or have an internet business. After recent changes I switched to GetResponse after 10 years of being with the main competition which I’ll include shortly. I’ve compared both tools and the treatment(support and care!), the advance marketing options and integration for 3rd party tools (membership software, shopping cart, blogging) make them the absolute best on my end.

Aweber – apparently they didn’t want to honor my grandfathered account after 10+ years of pre-paid business. They either saw my new registered site or thought they could win more money by just making me a new customers starting 2015 renewal, so instead of paying $164 or so a year for up to 10,000 emails, I am a brand new millennial customer offered $179 for up to 500 emails. You know this sucks. Things do change fast!

So I set myself to try what I thought was the second best perceived option on my end and ended up getting hugely surprised on how simpler to integrate, user friendly the management admin area is and how the academic learning style tutorials are for learning everything fast.  Now do know that both Aweber and Getresponse now have a 50-50% preference for those in the know-how of internet marketing, aWeber a slight preference. However, objectively reasoning GetResponse  is more affordable, has better support then aWeber and pays more commissions as affiliate , so GetResponse gets my #1 now. Both aWeber and GetResponse are fantastic options.

Price is almost the same with both options, GetResponse being slightly cheaper and aggressive annual savings. GetResponse just does  effectively what Aweber lacks, better technological options(landing page and webinars integrations) and better support. Anyways, price shouldn’t be a worry once you have connected with 500 subscribers, the monthly fee should pay for itself.

Keep Your Mind Healthy (I haven’t been bored in a VERY long time..I mean seriously, how could someone be! Check below for some reasons.) – pali vu france? tu parla italiano? Io parlo un po’ di Italiano, un po sí 🙂 Oh my god! Kind of makes me want to touch myself when I hear myself talking Italian sometimes. Its just normal, don’t be a weirdo or say it’s awkward. Try it if your wife/hubbie is not around, you’ll see :))) Disregard last sentence at your own  peril, but really, REALLY! If you’re a woman, “y te hablo en español y estás hecha toda una mamasita, más nos miras a los ojos, tu sabes que hay altas probabilidades que te salgan las babitas con nosotros los boricuas!” Ah jilipolladas que sabéis son realidad 🙂

Anyways, if you want to learn a new language, know that you might live in an international country with a different local native tongue soon, have a planned vacation internationally or simply find the idea of learning a second or third language a genuine interest, Duolingo free membership is the best language experience system I have ever experienced. is yet another free fantastic alternative to awesome Rossetta Stone by experience. Love them.

Lumosityever wanted to have the situational awareness of a Jason Bourne? Perhaps becoming endless pills Eddie Morra? I know it’s funny, maybe in another life right? Unrealistic, normal with Hollywood. However, these type of movies really got me thinking. Can someone really become that aware and agile? My in-a-nutshell realistic conclusions are that lots of practice here can make you at the very least, better. A way better version of you so to speak 🙂

Quite a few studies show that playing certain types of games (e.g; puzzles) develops your brain muscle. I personally love lumocity puzzles. You can improve drastically on your awareness and agility to process thoughts and drop faster conclusions on whatever you might need/want. Whether your conclusions are good or bad I think it’ll will solely depend on your experience, education, your intelligence and your level of focus. Which that’s another story altogether.

I surely know that my situational awareness and my rate of focus/concentration has improved in the last years thanks to all the stages this membership offers. Incredibly cheap, try it and do a Jason Bourne friggin sequal!! You know the series rock!

Do You Have The Trading Bug?

Forex Market – do you like what’s unconventional, isn’t average and most importantly, you really have the trading ‘bug’ itching? That bug that says; “I really need to try this and make it to a certain degree to just move on” to crosscheck another bucket list goal? As you may have already imagined – like everything that requires learning – currency trading requires time, the right mentors to learn along the way and correct practice. Now more than ever as currencies have been so exciting and volatile lately which is good when you can spot patterns, judge and recognize high possibilities. So if currency trading, perceived complexities and you somehow find yourself amused by the itch, consider Forex.

Other sites I’ll recommend after some research(and I am friggin good at research) are Watch Him Trade . You might get a boner just like a puppy dog would often do when he/she sees you after watching for yourself, live, with the $5 trial on how people ‘earn’ 4 and 5 figures in just minutes. Keeps me wondering how much they studied before and accumulated practice those making it have in this field.

Also if you start your research with Jasen from B12 Trader, a current Google engineer (yes the Googleplex spotlight in Palo Alto Cali) teaching other brainy smarty pants at Google – on how to trade and receive a higher ROI from ETFs + Forex investments – you simply know that there has to be, HAS TO BE,  better alternatives then ridiculous/unregulated pump-and-dump penny stocks schemes targeted to the gullible, the average mutual funds historic suggestions and better/safer alternatives on return than 401(k) that are preached like the gospel even if the company might be matching each dollar to the dollar.

So if you’ve the trading bug and don’t like the waiting game of hope. Do more research on the side. Everything is high risk when you don’t understand or know what you’re doing. We just find ways to drastically diminish potential risks and focus on solutions. Very simple.

That’s it for today.

Note: There are affiliate links in many of my recommendations(sorry, this will turn into a membership and rewritten book soon), which affiliate links means, that you subscribe under me and I get a commission for your sign-up for recommending a company. If you subscribe under me great! If not that’s ok. It just takes a lot of time to put all these swamp of details into one specific condensed way for everyone to enjoy and a commission helps neutralize the time invested long term.

My reviews are still completely honest and unbiased. So the above are some of the best resources and tools for basic to advance research on the designated topics that I personally use and that many other small and large businesses online use to their advantage.


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Internet Marketing Tools Every Online Business Owner Should Have

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