The Best BlackFriday Savings Deal For Starting Your Online Business



Black Friday is close to 24hrs away and this specific day offers tremendous savings opportunity for starting an online business or just having a professional online presence.

Forget about lightning up a fire and camping on a parking lot for hours just to save $100 or so? This specific BlackFriday deal, you should highly consider getting it ASAP in any of the stipulated days as by business logics the company will likely stop being predictable. I’ll just enjoy the savings while it lasts.

What Is The Best BlackFriday Savings Deal For Starting Your Own

Professional Online Website?

The reason is in my list is because in the last years (last 24 months in my case) they’ve offered tremendous online savings for those wanting to start and manage their own business and for those that simply want to have their own online presence for reference purposes. How many of us would be interested? My guess, EVERYONE! I strongly believe everyone should have their own website now a days, their own name and last name entirely registered to the very least, so this company tops my charts for many reasons.

Among the main reasons you should highly consider starting your business with Hostgator…

  • I just confirmed from my own scans and online documents I have been a HostGator customer since April, 2005
  • I’ll always need a fast, reliable, user-friendly hosting account to manage my own websites
  • I manage my own hosting management business with their “reseller” account (imagine your own opportunities here!)
  • They served as guidance and 24×7 live phone assistance and step-by-step support via chat at every hour since 2005 for all my hosting and relevant hosting needs (goes a long way!)
  • HostGator was acquired this year for $225m dollars by EIG, which has their pros and some uncertainty cons (its just reality)

Now the above were my top 5 reasons for having the biggest online business loyalty with a company. Furthermore, this company is relevant for every millennial, every enthusiast wanting to start their own professionally done website or simply for anyone that wants their own “.com” domain or brand presence, be it for personal use or for business use.

Reality is, sure, you can use free websites like Weebly or start with yet another Web 2.0 platform like Tumblr which excitingly enough got recently acquired by for close to a $1b dollars.  None of these distractions should actually be mentioned here, but since I am not selling anything and this is just free information about your options, there are surely other fantastic options for starting your own website. The big ‘BUT’ being, nothing comes close to the “reasons of why” you should get in business and host your pages with HostGator on a daily basis.

Down To Earth Reasons Of Why Fully Managed Or Semi-Managed Server with HostGator Is Best?

  • In my 10+ years and counting, HostGator offers enormous reliability when it comes to up-time of your website
  • If you have a doubt(which you’ll have countless) HostGator is there to support you over the phone, chat or eMail without extra charges on a 24hrs basis every single day. That is EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter if it’s the 1st of January or the 25th of December
  • If it has cPanel (images later) everything from shared hosting accounts, reseller account, vps or dedicated severs are managed by Hostgator. cPanel being the easiest login admin area to login to manage and see all your website(s) activity. Easiest start for every online apprentice
  • My #2 reason (top notch support being #1), this year they’re still offering the best hosting deal out of all the top fastest hosting servers for a website in the US with a 80% discount on regular monthly fees. This might not be forever and its a bhuge reason why you should start with them if support and obtaining the most from your dollar are among your main priorities.

Big Time HostGator “Baby Plan” Features:

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Free Weebly SiteBuilder and Website Building Tools
  • 4,500+ Free Website Templates
  • Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer, Script Transfer
  • 52 Free scripts can be instantly installed on your account with few clicks
  • Free $100 Google Adwords Offer

For example, if you want to have the option of having the presence of two or more websites (which is very likely because, you’ll likely want to reserve your own and your registered), like many other hosting companies, the unlimited plan would be ideal because it offers unlimited domain options. In HostGator case this means that if you think long term and you know you need it like me, you’ll highly consider getting at least 12 months and renovate with another great deal the very next year.

In my case, this is how it’ll look for all of us for a 3 year “Baby Plan” for 3 consecutive years for quite a few days this weekend:

– Hosting Package Type: Baby plan

– Billing Cycle: 36 months

– Price: $9.95 per month

– Discount: 80%


What does the total savings look like for your bottom line? Check these screenshots…


Why pay an average of $9.95 per month starting the second month? Here is an inside mystery I can tell you in advance, will run a 65%-80% discount for certain amount of fire sale days and at specific day times.

It could be their last year of amazing discounts and it could continue to be on-going yearly BlackFriday deals. I don’t know, only HostGator owners could know.

Meaning, if they still offer you a 3 year deal thanks to their reliability in servers and based on what we need to have to run a professional website with the most control in it as possible. If you want to manage clients websites or even if you’ve started a web hosting business in the numerous available creative niche ways to do it, highly consider starting with a “Reseller” plan immediately for 1-3 years.

Business-SavingsThe saving would look like the ones at the left and it’s good to remind everyone that this is also the type of business that you also make BIG money when you buy and not when you sell your products or services. Just like Real Estate.

The savings are astronomical and if you also hate monthly fees like myself, getting rid of the monthly “necessary evil” expenses as soon as possible would be ideal if you don’t expect to get hit by a truck anytime soon.

Seriously, these are not the usual local retail marketing gimmicks or psychologically advertised to lure potential clients into thinking its a great deal into thinking is an awesome deal. Reality is, it’s real savings and great purchase that would last for years as long as you keep your online business goals in check.

In regards to the add-on offers clearly available in the shopping cart checkout? Only two are really worthy in my professional opinion. With”SiteLock” you can do simple 5 minutes steps on your end to keep your website safe.

Not-Required-Edited-HostGator-Options A quick search on “sitelock” will get you enough feedback for it if you’re still in doubt of the use of it. Positively in a business sense, you can use the “SiteLock” security badge in your own custom checkout for your own products and services to increase security perception. That is all it is in my view.

In this case it might be worth it to test and see, but I won’t order it.

Just like having a “Better Business Bureau” ( emblem, I just won’t pay for it again. Often with these security features and companies it’s just about image build up for you as a seller. I see companies like “SiteLock” help boost your sales to a degree if integrated correctly on a sellers website by having the customer more comfortable with their online buying experience.

The rest of the benefits often doesn’t warrant your investment, at least to me. In regards to website backups (download all your websites history in case you unintentionally delete something, among others) most established hosting companies have back up features integrated for immediate manual download by the client.

Paying for backups, often $20-$200 a year is just to have it done daily, that’s it. Just like hitting save when you finish writing a word document, that’s how long it usually takes. So I don’t pay for it.

You will have to download manually by pressing a button within your cPanel everytime you finish a website or at least monthly if you update your site weekly to save $20-$200 a year depending how big your website is and will be. Just check the screenshot above to confirm the extra add on offer.

The “Google Apps” offers is to have enormous amount of paid business productivity options and have your own [email protected] email address which is completely worth it for $5 a month and “Constant Contact” offer is good for 3 months, but they’re not the best option for capturing emails. More on that in my next posts.

What Times Can You Get The Biggest 65-80% “FIRE SALE” HostGator Deals I Have Seen Since April, 2005?


Friday, November 27th (Coupon at the extreme right included)
12am – 1am CST: FRIFLASH1
6am – 7am CST: FRIFLASH2
10am – 11am CST: FRIFLASH3
3pm – 4pm CST: FRIFLASH4
5pm – 6pm CST: FRIFLASH5

Saturday, November 28th
3am – 4am CST: SATFLASH1
12pm – 1pm CST: SATFLASH2
6pm – 7pm CST: SATFLASH3

Sunday, November 29th
2am – 3am CST: SUNFLASH1
11am – 12pm CST: SUNFLASH2
8pm – 9pm CST: SUNFLASH3

Monday, November 30th
2am – 3am CST: MONFLASH1
8am – 9am CST: MONFLASH2
12pm – 1pm CST: MONFLASH3
3pm – 4pm CST: MONFLASH4
8pm – 9pm CST: MONFLASH5

Now you should NOT care about the 65% discount and I personally don’t care about the times for it. We should only care about the best possible deal and the above times are what matters. There is enough time to log in at any of the above times from either your tablet, mobile or investing 5 minutes in your laptop making sure everything goes smoothly with the best discount I’ll ever witness from HostGator in yet another year.

As mentioned earlier, HostGator got acquired this year and last year I bought a baby plan for 75% for 3 consecutive years and I kid you not, I remain extremely happy with their services. They can expect yet another 3 year plan from my end this upcoming Black Friday early morning, nothing to lose with their money back guarantee for unused months. So I figured yet again 🙂

Now I have my own FIRESALE offers to run, so this was just a quick one. My next book draft will be done by November 30th with the blog posts I started since November 1st. Expect more blog posts from my end this exciting week.

Now lets get back to work!

The Best BlackFriday Savings Deal For Starting Your Online Business

by Joaquin time to read: 7 min

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