Why You Should Read This Blog?

Money is a complete taboo subject. We have been taught not to talk about it – or, to the very least, that it’s wrong mentioning it in public. Part of me definitely hates making this blog live in my facebook profile for the first time. It kind of eats me up as I’ve good friends in my Facebook page that hate their jobs and would probably feel this might be wrong. I even have family members that might even perceive this as disrespectful or plainly, an incorrect pawn move.

Sometimes it’s just better when people know less about you, than a lot. I agree, but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the added fulfillment when you think you’re building something of value yet again and flipping it for a 4 or 5 figure paycheck yet again? Where’s the risk weight there? Who will actually care at the very end?

In a positive hand, I find myself so motivated whenever I read success stories online, that I myself get so pumped that I can’t help but to only confirm  and blog about it now. A positive entry blog for many and of great educational value for those that often like to work smarter, not harder.  Hopefully a fresh read at minimum for most of my readers.

I’m confident this blog will serve of great motivation and guidance to quite a few of my closest friends. The blog is for those looking for income alternatives and investment opportunities. Reality being, 1,000’s of people will soon be reading from this blog thanks to Google in the upcoming months and a decision to sell or keep will enters my mind. Done this quite a few times. Over 40,000 people search in Google for “how to make money from home” and 1,000’s more each month for the keyword “how to make extra money from home”, so this is just another problem solver to build and flip on my end and a complete educational free blog on ways to earn a part-time or full time income from the comfort of your home.

In this blog you’ll read about my sites success with XY businesses or even see live income reports from both old and new websites that earn XY amount of money. Never ever get offended or confuse my excitement with arrogance. Big difference there. Use what I post in this new free blog to motivate yourself to earn extra income from home and do something way different than traditional standards.

New week of blog suggestions could replace your jobs income in reasonable time if you indeed hate your job or plainly dislike working for peanuts. I’ll show you paypal proof in videos and statements soon, that’s when the ‘aha’ thoughts come in and confirm you definitely can learn a lot from my experiences online and marketing expertise online. Anyways…

Why Should You Join My Free Newsletter And Take A Peak At This Blog?

Transparent as always..

Read My Blog

Yes, yes! Definitely read my blog if you want to…

– Discover new ways to earn $50-$100 a day from the comfort of your own home

– Make extra income from a product or service from experiences or expertise you already have or had acquired through the years in an industry

– Know best selling products to start selling immediately even if you don’t know what to sell

– Read about case studies, latest business tests, new products you can immediately launch without ever writing anything yourself

– Have more options, greater income and enjoy a better lifestyle thanks to added unconventional skills with your butt seating at home

If you already earn over $100,000 and/or are fully satisfied with your job or career, you’ll be better off reading Cosmopolitan, Primera Hora or if you like true classics, The New Yorker would likely suit you best. Just being totally honest here. This blog audience is very specific. Plain logics here.

But what’s in it for me as a blogger you might ask?

Business man pointing to transparent board with text: Why Am I Here?

4 Main Reasons On Why I Am Starting This Blog 

And Why You Should Consider Reading (and skipping HBO often!)

Factsprincome.pngReason #1 
In a nutshell, the article says that Puerto Ricans or that a single working adults in P.R would often be happy with an income of $33,000 a year and that the average family annual income is $25,000 a year. The article didn’t describe if it was net income or gross income, lets just assume both figures were net pay.

What’s even scarier is that at least in my country half of the people depend on the government in some shape or form. That is an INSANE amount of people. It is very sad. I won’t be able to do %$^% about it, but the problem isn’t mostly the government, but the mindset about work, careers and types of investments. Because some of this, I just don’t see much financial improvements for the near future for P.R, but for a few of my friends that know my ‘quite ok’ lifestyle, some of my history, I’ll do my best to help with foundations and starting strategic options for earning extra income online.

Forgot, read about how critical things are in PR in spanish in this article from El Nuevo Dia here. Food stamps, dependency. Some really need it, some definitely do not. Plus a combined income of $30,000 a year average for two people, sad. Utter madness!

Reality being, 50% of my country depends on the government to put food on the table. It really kills me. As a healthy 33 years old, I’d rather starve and lose weight than ever ask the government for a $1 not earned! The problem is not only in P.R, it’s in the United States and in many other countries. Completely unacceptable. This blog, among the many gifts, will teach anyone how to earn $33,000 a year and more online. Been there done that enough times to merit this blog final start.

Reason #2

Purpose sign with beach background

HowToMakeExtraMoneyFromHome.com will be a full win/win for you and me. I’ll sell this information through JV partners and in Kindle network of Amazon with most of the information posted here. Multiple pen names, multiple blogs with similar information with the goal of becoming debt free faster, deal with old investor f#$ ups and ultimately get my consistent writing mojo back while building an email list of 10,000 subscribers. Very simple to achieve when planning correctly.

You get to read and piggy bank over my shoulders (so to speak) on my experience and expertise. In turn, you’ll read my blog for free while others pay for this information. Many just won’t find this blog so easily. So they pay, you don’t, for almost the same information. Capitalism as you may also agree.

Reason #3.

Meet the doctor that also helped with the final pushes to build this blog idea…(don’t kill me for publishing this!)


Lets just call her, Miss X. I say doctor for a reason. She absolutely hates the starting salaries of Phychologist here at Puerto Rico and I obviously don’t blame her. It’s the system. She just finished her doctorate degree in Phycology – and, keeping it short, after a few mojito’s with tequila patrón (<– try it!) she confessed getting offers in the $14 per hour range after a huge student loan sentence with the enlarged piles of overnight years with Masters, and PsyD studies. Say what!! $14 avgs per hour for what’s practically the equivalent of a Phd?

She is not the only one in this boat. My standards are even higher with just a bachelors thanks to my online experiences. Similar thinking here. Life is just way to short to work for peanuts forever! Now, I don’t have the responsibilities of kids like many of my colleagues and friends carry, still doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck for a sucky paycheck. Even if the best laughs and beer feasts comes from these group of friends. Hell no. No. No! Totally unacceptable.

I mean, returning to the topic. Think about it. Is it acceptable to accept $14 per hour if you’ve a PsyD? Heck NOT! But that’s local market reality here at P.R. Good news being, she recently found meaningful and awesome work that’s way more compatible with her after a long hunting struggle. Positive karma. God is good.

So far, 3 very valid reasons just described. Very transparent as always.  Now, consider sharing this blog to friends and people you really care, this blog content might change their lives if they take action in what I post! Video proof and interesting statements soon 😉

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Reason #4

For me it is about the challenge. It’s about discovering new light at the end of a new tunnel. It’s about eliminating even more “what if’s” from new grounds and from our own conscious.

It is also about the art, about craftsmanship.  About making amends to a name.  About my continued bucket list #3!

A movie reminded my sort of challenge, but in a different industry. Hollywood movies, aren’t they fun! “Burnt”, have you seen the movie yet? The history, the work, the end result. That’s what’s all about with being the best at something specific. I loved it. A little crazy for even mentioning the movie and associating it, but who cares right. As you might already guess, just my own awesome feeling of just being me 🙂

Go and see the movie. Pure entertainment! The confidence, the skills, the team and the passion of always becoming better and better at a craft! Added fun in a different delivery and definitely the ultimate aphrodisiac result at the end..


Yes, share HowToMakeExtraMoneyFromHome.com with your friends, loved ones and with those that want to…

  • Have more options, greater income, better lifestyle
  • Know how to earn $50-$100 a day from the comfort of home by doing simple tasks
  • How to start an online biz, know what to sell or offer, even if you have no idea now
  • How to start a simple website and have someone do it for a bargain
  • Have a book written in less than 15 days and sell it on Amazon for many many years
  • How to outsource, replace yourself and build a company
  • How to get 100’s of visitors each day to your website
  • Many more mysteries will be shown here. Case studies, guides, newsletter, I’d stay!

I did promise myself to start a valuable, resourceful blog November 1st, 2015 – and, well, I just did that. Yeah buddie!!!

Just a new, ugly, start-up blog for smart people. A blog full of upcoming meat, no fluff and zero to no jiba jabba. Something fresh and possibly unconventional for some. If you enjoy it, please remember to let me know about it in the comments box area. Other people will surely pay a premium for the information soon to be found in this blog, you won’t pay a cent, but beer rounds might be on you. Seriously.

Feel free to comment and ask your own questions. I’ll reply to most, if not all the comments sent into the blog comment section.

Bucket list #3. For continued momentum. Here we go!


Joaquin Reverón


Why You Should Read This Blog?

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